Binsar, Almora – Nov 2010

Welcome to a vacation that promises you nothing. You can do a lot of nothing in Binsar.

Binsar is not a conventional tourist spot.  No Mall road, no fun-fairs, games, rides or cable cars that take you to the top of a mountain, very limited options for eating, no night-life, no tourist buses taking you to all the umpteen points in a day, no pesky agents promising you the world, no souvenir shops selling you fare at unfair prices.

Yet, you may like to be in Binsar Valley if you like walking into the misty wilderness of an early morning fog, on the winding roads that take you nowhere, surrounded by mountain ranges that fade into the horizon. Strange birds peer at you and announce your intrusion into their abode. You may like it if being one with nature is your idea of pleasure.



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