Yours faithfully I am an Indian.

At present, I work as a software professional, leading a team at SMG. At SMG, we develop business applications and provide IT solutions. I like my job and thank my associates at SMG for being what they are.

I spent my life in cities like Aburoad (birth), Udaipur, Jamnagar, Gwalior and Ahmedabad (current). I studied at KV AFS Jamnagar, St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad and School of Science Ahmedabad. As a Computer Trainee, I picked up computers and software development skills at Computer Centre PRL, Ahmedabad. I worked at Concept Computers as a programmer for about two years before starting SMG.

Apart from my professional responsibilities, I like

  • to cook for my family and friends. I cook Indian and international cuisine with unprocessed, unrefined and natural ingredients. I like my dishes to look tempting and taste good.
  • music and musical instruments. I play harmonica, Indian bamboo flute & keyboard.
  • gardening. We have a small space that houses about a hundred pots with a small pond with fishes and a water garden. I’m trying to train a few bonsai plants, since last four years. Bonsai has taught me that it takes time and patience to create anything of substance and success cannot be guaranteed.
  • to spend single destination vacations at uncluttered locations with natural beauty. I prefer unguided, unplanned tours, that gives us time for activities that we like and a chance to explore and experience the local flavour.
  • photography and spend lot of time in this activity.
  • sketching and do it occasionally. These days, mostly it’s for my children’s projects.

At various points in life, I wanted to pursue a profession, that I thought was best for me. I could have been a musician, a cook, a photographer, a gardener, an architect, a designer, a teacher or a writer. I never thought, planned or wanted to be an IT professional. I wanted to work with humans not machines. But Life takes you to destinations and gives you things that you never asked for. So many times, I’ve thanked God for not granting what I wished. Not known to me, He/She always had some better alternatives.

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